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Syga Thomas – biography

Syga Thomas, the founding chair of the Thomas Foundation, is an Academy of Achievement fellow and was a US Diplomat for the Department of State between 2008 and 2015. With the Foundation, Syga Thomas is committed to improving lives and preparing young people to become agents of transformative change. To that end, he serves as chairman of the Thomas Foundation, a growing nonprofit that supports art, health and leadership in the District and around the world.

Syga Thomas is also the CEO of Maedwell Companies. His responsibilities include overseeing the firm’s day-to-day operations, benchmarking and implementing new policies and procedures, and setting a strategic vision that incorporates the needs and values of the firm’s employees, clients and community. Thomas is also responsible for managing and developing District Maids and Maedwell Residential Services, Inc., of which he is founder and principal.

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Important dates in the life of Syga Thomas

  • 1982

    Born in Los Angeles, California

    Syga Thomas is born in Los Angeles, California.


    Graduates from Columbia University

    Syga Thomas obtains BA in History and Sociology.

  • 2006

    Creates Maedwell Companies

    Syga Thomas launches Real Estate Investment Company.


    Receives Academy of Achievement Fellowship

    Syga Thomas receives distinguished award.

  • 2008

    Graduates from Johns Hopkins University

    Syga Thomas obtains MA in International Economics.


    Becomes a US Diplomat

    Syga Thomas joins the U.S. Department of State.

  • 2009

    Creates Maedwell Residential

    Syga Thomas launches Property Management Group.


    Creates District Maids

    Syga Thomas starts residential & commercial cleaning company.

  • 2015

    The Thomas Foundation

    Syga Thomas launches the Thomas Foundation.


    Gets Married

    Syga Thomas gets married in Paris, France

  • 2018

    Child is born in Paris, France

    Syga welcomes baby boy into the world.

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